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An active pedagogy

"Teach me how to do myself"

Lead children to autonomy is the first aim. The pedagogy is centered on the child: his/her personality, his/her desire to grow, his/her needs. Work will be individualised in order to respect each one's rhythm. Turning to methods and materials such as Maria Montessori's ones allows to responsabilise the children and to make him more authonomic in his work and in life.
The pedagogs of the school are concerned by developping technics and material by researching and experiment in order to be more efficient in helping the children to grow up and particularly as regards linguistic acquirement and occitan learning material.

Open to the outside world, to society, to the environment: various and regular outings will allow to introduce children to the discovery of their living environment, to avoid school being a close world.

Open to a multilingual world: children are gradually made aware of the linguistic and cultural diversity thanks to Niçard, a bridge to Latin languages particularly.

School should not prepare to today's world, but to that of tomorrow which is to be the adulthood world of our children.

The child, actor of his/her own education

Child is the centre of pedagogy.

He/she has the right to speak, to decide, to be responsible. He/she is the motor of activities.

School is for him/her a place of life where he/she organises, discovers, expresses.

School is a place of life to his/her dimensions.

15 children in each class is a maximum in order that every one be listened to.

The parents' participation

In Calandreta, the parents participate. Parents are associated to the life of school and of the association that cares for it.

They participate in pedagogic activities according to their skills and propositions. Parents are encouraged to get involved in the association in order to participate in the educative project and to the life of school.

The child-parents-teacher link is privilieged, dialogue and reflection are constant.

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