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How is the school funded?

The school is funded by the association Lu Amics de l'Escòla Niçarda Calandreta, which collects money through memberships, donations, voluntary subscriptions for one part. (Donations are partly deductible from taxes.) The association's participating in several manifestations, selling records, books, or even socca (sic), and organising support evenings, are another of its funding resources. (Lo Còro de Berra (the Choir of Berre) and the singer Maurís have already sung for the Calandreta de Niça.)

The school also benefits from subsidies from territorial collectivities.

But building up a school is costly and money is not overabundant. The rents are expensive and the city of Nice for the time being does not even provide lodging for the school. You are thus welcome to help funding the working expenses, salaries, pedagogic material, and so on. Financial, material and organisational support is welcome.

How to help Calandreta?

Moral and material support:

Financial contributing:

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