Niçard | Français

Why occitan

"who has the language has the key"
"cu ten la lenga ten la clau"

Privilieging Occitan in teaching allows to speak naturally the language of the country, historic and living language.

Giving children access to the language and culture of the country in which they live helps them to understand better their natural and cultural environment, in its reality as well as in its future.

The discovery and knowledge of people, culture and history of the country through the practice of the language are a wealth and a factor of stability.

They are also a guarantee of an efficacious biligualism, because it is linked to a linguistic reality of the place where the children live.

Not only is the language used in the country but it is a clue to understanding it. Toponyms and patronyms prove its presence.

Language complicity is a good way to reinforce links between generations.

The knowledge and mastering of Occitan prepare to understand better the -wide- world of Latin languages. Occitan spoken around Nice is Niçard (a form of Provençal), a small part of the Occitan linguistic area, which continues to the countries of Catalan language; forming a central area in Latin Europe. Occitan and Catalan are close enough to one another to allow easy mutual understanding.

Calandreta is a door open to multilingualism, to the immense wealth of cultural diversity, to the respect of differences.

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